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Winter Self-balancing Monocycle Battery How Long To Charge Once

Winter Self-balancing monocycle battery how long to charge once
Cold weather in winter, we are not willing to use Self-balancing monocycle, timely Self-balancing monocycle can not solve the winter cold problem. Winter Self-balancing monocycle is not driving, facing a problem, that is, how long to charge a Self-balancing monocycle once.
Winter Self-balancing monocycle is not driving, it is best to charge once every other month to prevent the battery from starving to death, because the battery is in charge of a long period of discharge, such as recharging will lead directly to not charge. In order to avoid damage to the battery, it is best to charge every other month, but also to do the battery maintenance work.
Self-balancing monocycle batteries in the winter to accept poor, insufficient charge and other issues, the best battery charging environment at 25 degrees. The cold winter weather, in order to improve the battery voltage and service life, charging the best antifreeze measures, so as to ensure charging, to extend the service life. At the same time Self-balancing monocycle at start-up, should be slow to run, can not be accelerated instantly, otherwise it will damage Self-balancing monocycle parts. In the premise of ensuring safety, driving should minimize braking, start, in order to save energy. When driving brakes should release the speed control, so as not to damage the motor and other Self-balancing monocycle parts. In the uphill, wind and other heavy loads, with foot help. When getting off the train, you should turn off the power to prevent accidental rotation of the governor when the vehicle is in motion. The car suddenly starts to have an accident.
Let Self-balancing monocycle batteries can be safely through the winter, you can operate according to the above method, to ensure self-balancing Self-balancing monocycle battery life. To extend the Self-balancing monocycle battery life, be sure to charge it regularly in winter.
Compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries, the same specifications of the lithium-ion battery life of about three times its weight and volume of only one-third of the former, and more environmentally friendly energy saving. Significantly enhance the ability of innovation in the industry, the rapid increase of product added value, after-sales service system is maturing, becoming the most competitive lithium-ion battery Self-balancing monocycle competitiveness
Recently held at China's lithium new energy industry summit forum, the industry generally considered self-balancing lithium battery wheelbarrow is becoming a trend. "This year the annual output of more than 3 million has no suspense," China Machinery Industry Association, said Ma Zhongchao, originally estimated self-balancing lithium-ion battery may even four or five years, it now appears that this trend is coming in advance Has become a new bright spot in Self-balancing monocycle industries and new energy applications.
Compared with the lead-acid batteries commonly used in traditional Self-balancing monocycles, the lithium-ion batteries with the same specifications of lithium manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate have a service life of about three times the weight and the volume of only one-third of the former More environmental protection and energy saving. Professor Lu of Department of Applied Chemistry, Peking University said that in 2014, the lithium-ion battery industry started its explosive growth. We are in an era where "lithium" has spread all over the world.
In addition to technical and performance advantages, talked about why lithium battery Self-balancing monocycle each year to a new level, Ma Zhongchao conducted in-depth analysis. First, some localities and departments in order to standardize self-balancing Self-balancing monocycle as soon as possible, the regulatory environment increasingly stringent, but highlights the lithium-ion battery Self-balancing monocycle, safety and other advantages; Second, the state of new energy industry for many years to support and Cultivate and give the lithium-ion battery industry the best boosting force; third is the continuous improvement of industrial clustering, industry innovation ability was significantly enhanced, the rapid increase of product added value, after-sales service system is maturing, becoming the most self-balancing lithium-ion battery wheelbarrow Competitiveness.