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The Future Development Of Electric Scooter

The future development of Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter in the future prospects are very good, at present, the industry for the development of Electric Scooter has become a clearer understanding of the path, as a proven hybrid energy-saving way is that local enterprises in the development of their own energy-saving and Electric Scooter Strategic goals need to be carefully considered one of the ways. More importantly, the electrification of automobiles is not accomplished overnight. Problems such as the energy density, safety and service life of the batteries are still to be solved. The ultimate goal of purely electric drives is still unknown. Under such premise, it is generally accepted that hybrid power is a necessary stage in the development of new energy sources and is also the most pragmatic technological choice at present. Coupled with the positive guidance of national policies, the industry has formed a surge of hybrid vehicles. With the promotion of policies related to energy saving and Electric Scooter planning, the Chinese hybrid vehicle market will gradually enter a period of accelerated industrialization. Related industry insiders even pointed out that the production and sales of hybrid electric vehicles in China in the next 5 years will exceed one million, the hybrid electric vehicle market is already "explosive" in the second half or will be the starting point for the outbreak.
Many companies are now ahead of schedule, for the arrival of the hybrid car ahead of time. Hybrid vehicles are just a transitional product. The ultimate goal of developing new energy vehicles is Electric Scooter. Therefore, China should cross hybrid power to directly develop Electric Scooter and achieve overtaking on corners. Now it is not like this. Pure electric, hybrid and fuel cell three types of Electric Scooter technology has its own optimal vehicle models. Demand for short trips, small Electric Scooter can be used; for long-distance travel needs, the main use of hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles or fuel cell vehicles. Because pure Electric Scooter battery takes up most of the space inside the car, so in large and medium-sized vehicles should not be used purely electric mode, only the use of hybrid. In the past that the price of hybrid vehicles is relatively high, now has changed. The advantage of hybrid vehicles is not only fuel-efficient, but also environmentally friendly. Hybrid vehicles without idle conditions, start-up and low-speed use of electricity, can significantly reduce pollutant emissions. It can be said that many positive factors for the hybrid car next development has created an unprecedented good market environment.
What kind of Electric Scooter to develop in order to get the market favor it? The reality of technology and the market has determined that the business model of Electric Scooter should adopt the mode of electric exchange and involve the transportation industry. Talk about the business model, we should respect the current level of industry. The reality is that technically speaking, the key to immature Electric Scooter is battery technology, which is the state of the art and technology, and on which we build business models. In addition, from a market perspective, the state now has a great policy support and enthusiasm from various enterprises. However, the market is slow to start and there is still no real effective solution. Therefore, we should respect these two basic status quo.
Moreover, the development of the exchange mode charging facilities can also promote the Electric Scooter into the home. In fact, there is a technical roadmap for transportation in Europe, where walking is possible up to 4 kilometers, Electric Scooter ranging from 4 kilometers to 200 kilometers, plug-in hybrids ranging from 200 kilometers to 400 kilometers, and fuel cars over 400 kilometers. According to this technical route, Electric Scooter should belong to the second family car, because the exchange mode to cultivate the bus, taxi infrastructure, to buy a second car to solve the worries. Now more controversy is about the main mode of operation of the exchange mode, at this point, the relevant energy companies and the automotive industry debate will last a long time, after all, for the automotive industry, this model may be more than the issue of interest, May be related to the automotive industry's survival issues. What should I do? Reality Electric Scooter way out is to set up a separate battery operating company, and let the transport industry involved, so that the contradictions may be some ease, further promote the Electric Scooter industry and the gradual cultivation of the market.