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Summer Electric Rover Board Notes For Night Ride

Summer Electric Rover Board Notes for Night Ride
1 The importance of hearing improves
Night vision worsened, then the hearing of the ear is even more important, do not recommend wearing headphones to listen to music, wear headphones will cover other vehicles moving sound. For example, on some highways, there are many large trucks, wearing earphones and waiting for the arrival of a large truck may have left a few meters. It is easy to have accidents due to stress.
2 side reflective measures
A lot of Electric Rover Board accidents are not frontal bump, rear bump, but side impact, because no one side will install the light. So increase the side of the reflective, such as tires or rims reflectors, BIKEID anti-theft stickers, one of which is reflective stickers.
Reflective stickers in the essence is not much, it is important to choose the place to paste, it is recommended to stick on the left side of the leader (up and down tube junction), good stickers and will not be blocked by the feet, sticking to the left because we rely on the right ride, other vehicles Light mainly from the left, the right will be blocked by the building.
3 mentality relaxed but not rapid, casually
Like night riding Electric Rover Board friends, a lot of plans to relax, can not climb in the morning to ride a car, go home after work at night may go home for dinner (or without first dinner), go out riding Electric Rover Board. This time the mentality is: hurry to exercise, so anxious to dry, casual attitude appeared.
Holiday fleet travel is easy, but the whole body and equipment are also complete (you can prepare the day before); night riding may be casual wear, involving safety parts (helmets) do not even wear, but in fact, even more attention to the night riding Safety.
Night Ride Electric Rover Board may choose to have more roadblocks, but from home to a single lane, the same goes through an open road section, if the Electric Rover Board is not wearing a helmet it is dangerous. Therefore, the correct state of mind is to exercise, the equipment must have some, but also to make more choices from the security.
4 unfamiliar / lonely road cautious riding
Not easy to ride the Electric Rover Board difficult to grasp the road conditions, riding on the old impression and riding a very dangerous; plus law and order problems, even if self-carrying carrying self-defense supplies, encountered unexpected situations may be useless, the best utensils (whistle) Because the whistle is high in audio frequency and passes very far, criminals will be frightened by the sound of whistles, reflexively, preferably not near the Electric Rover Board collar. In groups can also prevent criminals from committing the crime.
5 to deal with traffic, slow speed
The manhole cover on the road is the most dangerous, and the road is poorly visible during the daytime. Even if there is a lamp at night, it is still not clear. Some Electric Rover Board friends have the same speed during the day and night, but the response time to the road is definitely greater than that during the daytime. In particular, the road car hit a small hole and can fly easily.
Many people have to wait for an accident (themselves or someone else) to happen before they know how to slow down. After a long period of forgetting, keep in mind that you are always trying to keep the Electric Rover Board speed down and keeping the 7- 8 percent.
Do not train for 6 nights
Training is to find the slopes of the mountain, Electric Rover Board up the mountain slow, down the red on the fast, naturally dangerous, no need to use other passers-by car speed, fight to fight, will give a single Electric Rover Board guest very Arrogant bad impression. It is strongly recommended to ride happy, do not strength ride: go straight to the road do not take the mountain.