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Self-balancing Monocycle Trade-in Which There Will Be Hidden?

Self-balancing monocycle trade-in which there will be hidden?
With the warmer weather, Self-balancing monocycle sales also ushered in the peak period. Xiao Bian learned from the self-balanced wheelbarrow store, to promote the concept of waste recycling TM to become the main form of promotional activities. However, trade-in really like the surface looks so affordable? In the process of trade-in, what will be hidden? With these questions Xiaobian conducted an interview.
Many consumers in the trade-in, will also ask the old self-balanced wheelbarrow of the whereabouts of business, many businesses unified official answer is: manufacturers recycling. Is that really the case?
Xiao Bian also learned that the whereabouts of the old car can be divided into two categories: repair and then sell, completely demolition and reuse. In this regard, Self-balancing monocycle manufacturers said that if all the waste Self-balancing monocycle can all return to manufacturers, melting furnace recycling, then the TM will be a lot of health, but now, many businesses choose to waste Self-balancing monocycle maintenance and sales, not only increased from Balance the safety of the wheelbarrow itself, the rider's personal safety irresponsible, the original Self-balancing monocycle owners of the original car is also an irresponsible behavior. "Now the Self-balancing monocycle is on the card registration, the relevant laws and regulations, Self-balancing monocycle if the accident, and the rider is not a license to register himself, then the license holder should also be joint and several liability, and the current market is not standardized, Sale and will not give consumers for the transfer procedures, therefore, find out the waste of self - balancing wheelbarrow specific trends are necessary.
Self-balancing monocycle has become an indispensable means of transport in people's lives, mainly electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles and so on. Self-balancing monocycle is not only green, but also flexible, for people's lives and work travel provides a lot of convenience.
1. Choose a place to park. When parked, it is best to park in the shed, do not park the Self-balancing monocycle in the less flow or less remote places. If there is no carport, as far as possible the Self-balancing monocycle parked in the bank, district or store door. Because these places have security, salesperson or camera, thieves committing the crime is less likely.
2. Lock selection has to pay attention. In the choice of locks, try to select the keyhole for the ring or curved lock, and try to buy brand locks. In addition, to install the tire lock, because the thief chose to commit the crime of Self-balancing monocycle, almost all is not on the tire lock.
3. Install the burglar alarm. This is also a more effective means of anti-theft. Outside the temporary parking Self-balancing monocycle, try to park in their own line of sight. Lock, as far as possible the car and the ground lock, fixed objects locked together to prevent being stolen.
4. Install the battery lock. The battery is the most valuable part of the electric bike, so many thieves are particularly bullish on the battery. So it is best to add the battery anti-theft lock, increase the difficulty of theft of thieves.
5. Select anti-theft Self-balancing monocycle. Select the performance of high security good anti-theft Self-balancing monocycle.
Self-balancing monocycle battery in the charging process will volatilize a lot of hydrogen and oxygen, usually in the new battery in the course of the use of charging hot and hot phenomenon will not show, if this situation, to prove the quality of Self-balancing monocycle battery problems , Take the battery is still in the warranty period to quickly after the replacement of new batteries; use of a year or so of the battery, if not for a long time to follow the correct charging method (overcharge, over discharge frequently) is easy to form the battery loss of water heating hot The
Thus, the "Self-balancing monocycle battery is not bad, but the charge is bad," this spread is not alarmist. Controlling a simple and productive charging method and a premium charger plays a key role in the life of a Self-balancing monocycle battery.